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Re: Nationals @ Marlins, Game 2
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Bernadina's MLB track record is 100 PAs over 3 years with a serious leg injury mixed in and he's still only 25.  HE DOESN'T HAVE A TRACK RECORD YET!  It's completely f'n stupid to write someone off at that point without giving them a solid month, at least, to show if they can get their act together at the MLB level.

If they are going to see if he and Maxwell can do anything at the big league level, now is the time to see if it can be done. I'm all for playing these guys to see if they can do it. My expectations for their success are low. It isn't just that the MLB numbers aren't good in the small sample, it's also the observation of the at bats. Maxwell at least seems to be more selective than he has been and taking some walks. But neither he nor Bernadina look comfortable at the plate. it's not uncommon for inexperienced guys to look overmatched until they get some playing time in, but I've never seen Bernadina look like a big leaguer at the plate. But you have to give them a chance, and letting them platoon so at least they see favorable matchups is the best way to set them up for success IF they are going to pan out.