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Gameday Thread: Nationals vs Braves, Game 1 (L)
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Quote from: "Nat of the LivingDead"
Patterson will not be traded, at least not next season.  They are already in the process of getting him healthy and grooming him to be the ace of the staff.  To get rid of him would truly show "lack of commitment" more so than ridding ourselves of Soriano who, by the way, I wouldn't get too attached too either.
If Patterson is as worthless as you say, who could we get for him then?  Who would replace him as the ace of the staff?  Ortiz?  Day?  Armas Jr.?  Those names in that role give me the upchuck feeling.
Patterson has such potential if he can stay healthy.  He has from now to Opening Day to get himself in order.  We don't even fully know what we have in him yet so to just up and get rid of him without giving him the chance in the Ace role is totally jumping the gun.

We already gave Patterson a chance - this year.  He was supposed to be our ace in 2006.  We were "getting him healthy and grooming him to be the ace of the staff" in 2006.  Everybody had him listed as a key part of our rotation, including Frank.  We did not have an adequate replacement when he was unavailable for almost the ENTIRE SEASON.  We cannot do this to ourselves next year, for the 3rd year in a row.  At $450K Patterson is cheap.  But we're really paying him the equivalent of $2 million, for the few games he's played.  I would trade him for a majors-ready prospect who has never had Tommy John surgery, who can perform as well as a $2 million pitcher, given the opportunity.