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Re: Nationals vs Dodgers, Game 3
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I said that he may not be in the rotation by the end of the season, but he is a no doubt major leaguer. He'll be pitching here or another major league club at the end of the season.

I like Lannan but I agree if we could move him for a useful piece that would be great.  I really don't see him as more than a 4th starter on a winning team.  We are looking at the possibility of him being, at best, the 6th best MLB ready starter on the team very soon.  Strasburg and Zimmerman should both be better the moment they get here, Stammen is already passing him by, Atilano is younger with more options, Detwiler should pass him by soon, if Wang returns to form he's better and so is Olsen.  Long relief might work well for him.