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Re: Nationals vs Rockies, Game 4
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Right this is true, but there are also studies out there that correlate high pitch counts with injury.  The thing is, the correlation is even greater the faster the pitcher throws.  So a guy like Lannan or Livo that is conditioned in the minors is a whole lot less troublesome than a guy like Jimenez or Strasburg.

I've actually read the opposite about pitch counts. Even flame throwers. There hasn't been a decline in injuries at all since teams started putting their pitchers on pitch counts.

I wouldn't put Lannan and Livan in the same category. One just doesn't throw very hard, but he puts his all into his pitches, while the other just lobs the ball. :lol:

I would have loved to have seen Nolan Ryan's 230+ pitch game back in the '70s.