Author Topic: Mark Buerhle's web gem of the year (maybe decade)?  (Read 1439 times)

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  • Wow. Such warnings. Very baseball. Moderator Doge.
:shock:  Wow.

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You guys just seeing this?  April 5.

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yeah, just saw it on ESPN for the first time.  They are judging all other web gems against this one via the "Buerhle Meter"

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This is about the ONLY highlight the White Sox have had this year so far . . . <sigh>

edit:  I went back to the website to watch again.  I liked the clip that combined the TV and radio calls for both the White Sox and Indians broadcasters -- you got the perspective of all 4 broadcast teams.

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Best pitcher's play I have seen. Gary Matthews Jr.'s $100 million play is up there with the all time best.