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Gameday Thread: Nationals vs Mets, Game 2 (L)
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Why would the Orioles mascot be at RFK for a Mets-Nationals game?  Is MLB going to contract the Orioles.  Or is the Oriole envious of the Screech bobble-heads being given to those 12 and under tommorow?  Erica'sNats is desperately looking for a 12-year-old to get that Screech.
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Not sure but the mascot of the Jays is at the stadium too. I hate that.

Is this a convention of mascots?  Maybe they met with Congress or something.  They are all birds.  There's no reason for them to be here otherwise.  The NY area has a metro population of 21 million people, so that's why the Yankees and Mets are drawing over 42K at RFK.  Game over....