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Honeymoon is Over...Time to Pressure Bud
« Topic Start: July 18, 2005, 03:21:00 PM »
OK Guys.

We are happy that we have baseball in Washington.

We are thrilled with the Nationals great play and first place position in the NL East

Now, we demand new ownership!  

Bud Selig and MLB have made numerous promises to have the owners selected by the All-Star break when the season began in April.  We are now past the All-Star break; still no new ownership group.  Bud says that MLB will choose a new ownership group in August.  Uh-huh, sure Bud.  

I think MLB is deliberately stalling the ownership selection process so they can reap the profits from the Nationals great fan attendance and merchandise sales.  The legal dispute between Comcast and MASN is a bogus argument for the delay.  If you ask Fred Malek and his colleagues if they would be ready to take the ownership reigns tomorrow,  they would shout, "HELL YEAH!"

Listen guys, we need to put pressure on Bud Selig and MLB to choose a new ownership group...TODAY!  

How can we do this?

1.  Write letters to the commissioner's office
2.  Bring signs to the Nationals games showing our displeasure with the slow process
3.  Write op-ed letters to the Washington Post, Times, and Examiner.  Hopefully, Boswell will publish a scathing article in the Post Sports section.
4.  If nothing gets done by August, we should hold protests outside RFK Stadium.  That way, we will get local TV coverage and it will embarrass the hell out of Bud Selig.  
5.  Make buttons and stickers with "New Ownership Needed...Please Apply" or "Hey Ho...Bud Selig Let the Nats Go"

We must get Nats fans motivated to do something.  This has become a campaign.  In Montreal, the fans were silent and passive.  Here...we have to put Bud's feet to the fire.  There is no way we can allow Bud Selig to screw with Washington, DC or its baseball fans.