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All-Time Jose Canseco Tweets
« Topic Start: April 20, 2010, 03:58:21 PM »
I am having an absolutely crappy day (which I hope to remedy tonight with some PBR and some fun) but no matter how down I am right now, even I busted out laughing. The greatest, most insane Jose Canseco tweets of all-time:

EDIT: By the way, I am following the guy on Twitter to amuse myself and it is hilarious.

Re: All-Time Jose Canseco Tweets
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Currently Jose is on his Twitter completely going off about truth and justice in the world.

EDIT: Some unworldly Tweets:

Why do you guys hate me so much cause I told the truth and fixed the game and probably saved someone life like your kids or brother or frien

If your sister or close friend was being raped by an athlete in the losker room and I saw it would I be a snitch if I talked or not

Can we handle the truth as a society in the movie a few good men the statement. We can't handle the truth. Rings a bell look in. The mirror

Bottom line is that we live in a deseased world that the government has to control or else we will destroy ourselves

My fingers are to big for this tiny keyboard

I am going to shut all you haters up on my show now that you have looked in the mirror and no who you are

*Spelling mistakes are all his own.