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Re: Nationals vs Rockies, Game 2
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Honestly, Nat's Park is cursed for visiting teams. Seriously, how many visiting parks in little over two years of being opened have had two *major* people associated with visiting teams die the three days out of the year the team is in town? First the Phillies TV guy, now the Rockies President? Spooky. That said, I cannot get the line of thinking that goes along with postponing the game because the president of the team died. I wouldn't expect a Nat's game to be postponed if Kasten were to die the day of a game. Mind you, I actually like Kasten since he got me my incredible season ticket, so that's not a slam on him. Simply the reality of the situation. A player dies? Yeah, I understand postponing the game. Manager/coach? Again, I get it. But FO staff/media, I just don't see, not when you're talking about having several thousand people show up that didn't get told in time the game was canceled and end up pissed off. It might be a nice way to show respect for someone, but canceling a MLB game the day of the game is a pretty significant deal for someone that isn't directly involved in the game passing away. And a FO staff/media person doesn't *really* impact the players the way a teammate or coach dying would, ie. someone they deal with every day for hours a day.

edited: NM, he was in a hotel in Salt Lake City. Still eerie that the Rockies were in town when he died, but not nearly the same as HK dying at the ballpark.