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Re: Nationals vs Rockies, Game 2
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Are you freaking kidding?  First of all, Desmond is hitting fine overall.  Even with the ugly AB's against breaking pitches, he has a perfectly acceptable (if not decidedly GOOD) batting line for a SS.

Second of all, he's never going to learn to hit MAJOR LEAGUE breaking balls sitting at AAA.

Third, ALBERTO???  Do you remember how godawful he was for us as a starter?  What development??  The dude should be "developed" by now.  He's 27 (peak age for most players).  If that happens, my blood is on your hands.  :hang:

I agree with all of this. Desmond is doing fine. He needs to see MLB pitches and pitchers to get good AB's. He's getting solid hits and swings in each game. I think he's doing fine overall.