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Re: Nationals vs Rockies, Game 2
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Was wondering if I made it on.  Best nights to watch a game are always when there is a school field trip in your section.  The kids will do anything you say when you're wearing a donkey suit.

Too bad the Nats didn't give them a better show today.  Had a Nyjer Morgan chant going on and Nyjer slapped his knee to the beat while waiting for the pitch. 

Willie Taveras totally lolly-gagged on a ball hit between him and Willingham that bounced over the wall.  Easily the 4th worst moment of my night.  Unacceptable and should have been pulled immediately.

The other 3 worst moments were seeing Riggleman not double switch to put in Walker when he was due up next in the order and then seeing him leave Walker in to bat TWICE including the second time with 2 outs and men on 2nd and 3rd. 

I think Desmond needs to go down.  Alberto "The General" is having much better at bats than him and we're killing his development at this point.