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Re: Nationals vs Rockies, Game 2
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No, I never said that. I did say that Espinosa is the SS of the future for us (and that Desmond could end up in the OF), but I never said I didn't like Desmond. I do think that Desmond is a below average defensive SS. He's impressed me with some of the plays he's made this year, but I think his overall numbers will end up below league average. Of course, I could be wrong. None of this had anything to do with Guzman.

None of that is crap talking or anything like that. I HOPE that all of our players do well.

Yeah, but I thought I read you saying Guzman will have a great bounce-back year or some crap.

Which is fine, but you shouldn't be crowing about it in mid-April. (if in fact you really were, but I have no idea any more)