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Re: Nationals vs Brewers, Game 3
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I just got in from lunch and a trip to the dump. Can someone recap to me what the freak happened in the Top of the 1st?

- R. Weeks singled
- C. Counsell singled to shallow center, R. Weeks to third
- R. Braun singled to left, R. Weeks scored, C. Counsell to second
- P. Fielder hit by pitch, C. Counsell to third, R. Braun to second
- C. McGehee walked, C. Counsell scored, R. Braun to third, P. Fielder to second
- J. Edmonds hit by pitch, R. Braun scored, P. Fielder to third, C. McGehee to second
- G. Zaun singled to shallow left, P. Fielder scored, C. McGehee to third, J. Edmonds to second
- M. Batista relieved J. Marquis
- C. Gomez singled to shortstop, C. McGehee scored, J. Edmonds to third, G. Zaun to second
- D. Davis hit sacrifice fly to center, J. Edmonds scored
- R. Weeks walked, G. Zaun to third, C. Gomez to second
- C. Counsell homered to deep right, G. Zaun, C. Gomez and R. Weeks scored
- R. Braun struck out swinging
- P. Fielder walked
- C. McGehee grounded out to second

10 runs, 6 hits, 0 errors
Milwaukee 10, Washington 0