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It Might Be An Idea For The Nats
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Yes, those are two lions mating on a Nationals baseball blog. It might be the first of it’s kind, I don’t know, but let me tell you why. I just wanted to share this non-Nats related article that involves two of America’s favorite pastimes. The Huffington Post:

A White Sox fan and his son were waiting to use a bathroom at U.S. Cellular Field when they witnessed some unusual behavior in one of the stalls, according to the Chicago Tribune.

    “So I kicked the door, just to get a reaction. I just wanted to make sure nobody was dying in there. That’s when I heard a woman’s voice yell, ‘HEY, STOP!’ Something was going on and I had interrupted.”

    Moments later, the stall door opened, and a tall, thin, blond man exited. The tall man held his arms up in triumph.

    It turns out a couple was using the barely private space to have sex.

    It’s hardly the first time frisky fans have subverted a stadium restroom’s intended use. During the Cowboys’ first game in their new stadium last year, a couple was filmed going at it in a stall.

Maybe this is why Obama is such a White Sox fan: Chicago White Sox fans know how to party.

I only mention this because not only is it incredibly hilarious and awesome, but it might be an idea for the Nats. Sex at Nationals Park. Why not?

If the team thinks it is going to have so much trouble selling tickets that they offer them up to rival fan bases before anyone else, I think they should be open to all ideas and opportunities to put firm, hot butts in the seats.

It could become all the rage, sort of like the Mile High Club, but we can call it the “100-Loss Club.” Have sex in a Nats Park stall, tell your friends. But why make it underground? Why make it this seedy activity that could get you thrown out of the Park? The Nats should make special “sex rooms” the size of bathroom stalls complete with a love seat, sanitation wipes and the Nats season schedule printed up on the wall. Maybe even put in a TV with the game on just in case the Nats do something. Couples would just pop in a five-dollar bill, the door clicks open, they go inside and have a 15-minute time limit.

As you can see, I’ve thought this through. What better way to release a little stress and turn negative energy into positive energy when the team is playing like crap? Like a seventh inning stretch you can have a sixth-inning sex session– or second-inning seconds depending on how the team is playing. Nationals Park would have record attendance and become the biggest brothel in the world. It isn’t like the team is using it for baseball activities currently.

Those White Sox fans might be on to something other than Viagra. Or not. I don’t know. It might not fly.

It is just an idea.

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Re: It Might Be An Idea For The Nats
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The Skydome in Toronto has an actual hotel in the outfield, and one with floor-to-ceiling windows to boot.  You can't beat that for getting your gametime groove on.

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Re: It Might Be An Idea For The Nats
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Didn't the Onion do a piece on sex at Nats Park a year or so ago?

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Re: It Might Be An Idea For The Nats
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Wow, I did not even remember that article. :lol: