Author Topic: MVP 2005: A Washington Nationals Dynasty  (Read 9220 times)

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MVP 2005: A Washington Nationals Dynasty
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Wow, I have to say, you're a pretty talented hitter.  All of the Nationals batters have hits except for Kearns.  Geez, even Rauch got a hit and RBI!

Oh boy have I been misleading you, I don't play any of the games except for the ones that Traber starts. If you want to see my hitting go to that game. Lol sorry  :wink:

 :lol: Well hey, you didnt do that bad in the game that you DID play in, 12 hits and two batters with 3 hits.

That intentional walk puzzles me, walking Zimmerman to get to Johnson.  But you probably made Ryan better than Johnson, which no doubt he is.

Zimmerman has slightly better power numbers than Johnson, but Nick has contact and plate discipline numbers that own Zimmerman so that puzzled me as well.

Done for tonight. Goodnight all