Author Topic: MVP 2005: A Washington Nationals Dynasty  (Read 8554 times)

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MVP 2005: A Washington Nationals Dynasty
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Wow, I have to say, you're a pretty talented hitter.  All of the Nationals batters have hits except for Kearns.  Geez, even Rauch got a hit and RBI!

Oh boy have I been misleading you, I don't play any of the games except for the ones that Traber starts. If you want to see my hitting go to that game. Lol sorry  :wink:

 :lol: Well hey, you didnt do that bad in the game that you DID play in, 12 hits and two batters with 3 hits.

That intentional walk puzzles me, walking Zimmerman to get to Johnson.  But you probably made Ryan better than Johnson, which no doubt he is.