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Who The Hell Is Adam Fox?
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Did a little research and a NQ posting on the mysterious Adam Fox fellow who appeared in the later innings of today's ST game against the Mutts. For pictures and links you will have to go to the actual posting because I don't have time for all that, but here is what I found out about him, including he agreed to a minor league contract with the Nats from a treestand while deer hunting:

During the later innings of today’s 7-5 ST Nats victory over Team Choke East, Natstown collectively asked a fascinating question when a strange man came to bat in the top of the 10th inning:

“Who the hell is Adam Fox?”

That is Adam Fox right there, shoveling for a double play ball– we think.

Fox was one of several strange players that made an appearance in later innings of the game. Not even diehard Nationals fans know who some of these guys were, including Adam Fox, so I got my crew working on it and this is what we came up with:

Adam Fox, 28, is an infielder who bats right, throws right. At 5′11″ and 200 pounds, Fox is from St. Marys, Pennsylvania who was drafted by the Texas Rangers in the 10th round of the 2003 MLB June Amateur Draft. Fox spent all seven seasons of his career with the Rangers bouncing around in their farm system when in November of 2009 he became a free agent. He quickly signed a minor league contract with the Nats– while deerhunting from a tree stand.

Fox said he agreed to sign with the Nationals Nov. 23, the same day as his 28th birthday, while bow hunting in a treestand in Ohio. His connection with the Nationals is first-year farm director Doug Harris, who used to be in the Rangers’ scouting system when Fox was drafted in the 10th round back in 2003.

    “The Nationals pretty much fell right into our lap right from the get-go,” Fox said. “We talked to some other teams, but the interest was not as high as Doug’s and the Nationals. We felt that we would have a man in a great position to be in our corner and it would be a fresh start. A fresh start is definitely what I was looking for and now we have an opportunity to move on and try to make an impact with another organization that is looking for help.”

    “Doug called me personally on the first day of negotiations and asked me what my plans were for the upcoming season,” Fox said. “I told him I was open for anything and that I really wanted to play on the East coast, closer to family and friends. It was a family commitment that we would first try to land a job over on this side of the country. We also wanted an organization that we thought would provide the best opportunity for me to get to the big leagues this year.”

Fox sounds like a swell guy (I love deer hunting ballplayers), but I am sorry to say I don’t think he has a chance-in-hell in making the team out of Spring Training and his chances of ever playing in Nationals Park– slim to none. His stats are definitely not anything to write home about to Mom on a postcard, but hey, at least we now know who the hell Adam Fox is.

If someone told me today I would be posting an Adam Fox article on the NQ I would have given them the honest retort:

Who the hell is Adam Fox?