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Gameday Thread: Nationals vs Marlins, Game 1 (L)
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Quote from: "Willie Mays Hayes 00"
Pitch 8 - In play, out(s) recorded

Lol, im glad Madden 2007 is coming out soon and school is starting up again...bc seeing the nats make stupid trades and score 1 or 2 runs a game is making me go pshyco.

It makes me LOL, that we do not trade We do not trade ORTIZ no way...we trade LIVAN!!! Our only reliable pitcher, who has pitched as perfect of games as we can ask for in his most recent starts.

I take it you've never been part of a rebuilding team.
This is NOTHING compared to what I had to go through. Take a look:

Caps trade away Jaromir Jagr for Anson Carter (at the time Jagr was pissing everyone off, but the guy had so much talent and I thought we would win a cup with him)
Caps trade away Robert Lang FOR 1 PROSPECT (and a draft pick) (my mom loved this guy - one of my favorite players)
Caps trade away Peter Bondra FOR 1 MIDLEVEL PROSPECT(and a draft pick) (if you've never heard, this guy was the FACE OF THE FRANCHISE FOR YEARS. I'm talking a long time. Leading Goals and points of the franchise, fan favorite of many, I pretty much cried when this guy was traded for 1 prospect)
Caps trade away Sergei Gonchar (we got a great trade for him, so not too bad)

Pretty much anyone on the Caps with trade value over 30 (cept Olie) was traded. And you know what? We lost a lot of fans. But the ones that did are more excited than ever for the future.

Suck it up and deal with it. We have a chance to be an exciting young team in 3 years, and you know what, I'd take that over a mediocre boring old team any freakin day.