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Re: Strass to Harrisburg
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Mr. Kilgore is reporting SS will open his pro career @ Altoona on April 11.  

Extrapolate that out, making the 5 starts in Harrisburg everyone's projecting, he'll then pitch on April 16, 21, 27 and May 3.  The games on the 16th, 21st and May 3rd will be at home.  Assuming he then gets the jump to AAA, he'd be on schedule to pitch May 8, 13, 18, 23 and 30.  Only the game on the 18th is on the road.  

That would then put him on schedule, assuming everything goes according to plan, to make his debut in DC, vs. Cincinnati on the weekend of June 4-6.  


Zuckerman projects his stars to be on April 16, 21, 26 and May 1.  It looks like he's projecting every 5th day, rather than every 5th game.  Either way, he projected the Cincinnati series for his debut as well.

Edit 2***

I actually missed a day, so my every 5th game projection should be for a May 2 start, not May 3.