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Thanks for joining us , Ben! :thumbs:
 During the early parts of their MLB careers, which current or former MLB pitchers remind you the most of  Collin Balester, Matt Chico, Garrett Mock, Craig Stammen, JD Martin and Stephen Strasburg?

This could give the Nats fan base a target as to how these guys could turn out.

Example: Ryan Zimmerman has been compared to Brooks Robinson.

Boy, this is a tough one. It's hard to think of examples for all these guys right off the top of my head. But guys like Stammen and Martin come to mind first, because they're the kinds of pitchers the Nats seem to be cultivating -- they throw strikes, they get groundouts with their two-seam fastballs and they work quick. They're a lot like Jason Marquis, who the Nats obviously just signed and who fits in with the overall scheme of what Mike Rizzo is trying to do with his staff.

It's a bit of a stretch with Balester, but I could see a little Roy Oswalt in the delivery and the emphasis on the curveball.

And Strasburg...maybe Nolan Ryan, Cy Young and Walter Johnson all rolled together? :-)