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Re: Ben Goessling live chat - IN PROGRESS NOW
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Your hiring by MASN to cover the Nats (exclusively?) definitely represents a step up on level of attention paid to our team.  However, MASN is only broadcasting 4 spring training/preseason games in all (NESN is broadcasting 9 Red Sox games, by comparison)

MASN is also going to be broadcasting Nats games in HD this season.

What else can you tell us regarding the level of coverage provided by MASN to the Nats this year, that might be of interest to us?  For example, will you be posting short video interviews or features from ST? 

We'll be doing a number of different things on the website, and during broadcasts, to add some new layers of coverage to the site. I'll be doing regular video interviews for the site, and will probably file some video weblogs of my own (vlogs, I guess). I'll also appear on Nats Xtra, certainly during the pre-game show and probably during some post-game broadcasts as well. In addition, I'm going to continue something I was doing over at the Washington Times last year -- chatting and posting analysis during games on our website ( They're working on a redesign of the site right now that will have some cool new bells and whistles -- I believe you'll have a one-stop shop with live stats, in-game updates and  my live commentary. That should be ready in the next few weeks, I think, and I'll start doing live in-game stuff once games start next week. I'm also on Twitter (@masnnats), where I'll post news and analysis on a regular basis.

We're always open to suggestions for what we can do better -- the Web, in many ways, is a new frontier for how to do journalism. You can try things that don't work, or you can hit on things you love. But don't hesitate to let me know what you'd like to see.