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A lot of questions are going to be asked about the current roster of Nationals, but I'd like to see what you think the Nats will do with the #1 overall pick in the June draft.  Are Rizzo/Kasten still looking to bolster the pitching or are we looking at a position player?  What do you feel would best help the team in the long term?

Thanks for reaching out directly to the fans, Ben.  Takes a lot of moxie in this day and age.

I’ll answer the second part of that question first; I think the need for an impact position player is going to become more evident in the next few years. The Nats haven’t exactly produced many of them through the farm system, and if they could get a big bat, that’d help, since they don’t really know what Chris Marrero is going to be yet. There are also a couple of shortstops near the top of the draft board that interest me. But most of the top players, at this point, are pitchers. So if they don’t take Harper, I could see it being another college pitcher