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I'd like to turn the tables a little bit and ask a question to all of you, if I could. We're trying to figure out the best way to do Twitter at MASN (my account is, by the way), and I told my bosses I'd pose the question to the fans and see what they say. Here's how it currently works: I post observations, commentary or whatever else comes to my mind on the Twitter account, but we also have an automated feed via TwitterFeed that generates a tweet every time Kristen Hudak, Byron Kerr, Phil Wood or I post a blog entry on our website. Is that working for you, or would you prefer there to be an automated Nats feed separate from my Twitter account?

We're definitely interested in some input on that, as well as other things you'd like to see from our coverage. So if I can hijack a small part of this chat (and the thread that leads up to it) to discuss some of that stuff, I'd appreciate it. Help me help you.  :)


The automated feed is pretty spammy. less personal.

we'll find your articles with or without the automated feed, to be honest. I'd keep your feed seperate from the automated one.

I have a suggestion too while we are at it. You guys should look into revamping your Comment setup. Perhaps look into something like Disqus to power your comment section.