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Re: Google Thread
« Reply #400: February 08, 2011, 05:07:38 PM »
the touchpad on this Cr-48 is buttonless as well, just one big pad.

for the most part, touchpads are tolerable, so long as you can disable that horrible "tap-to-click" feature. I had seen a few where you had to download some special software to do that, which sucks.  tap-to-click is the worst, and it should be disabled by default.

in further regards to the CR-48:

One minus is the fact that there is no Ethernet port. for a computer that is all about the Web and specifically built for it, you'd think that it'd contain every modern method of accessing the Web.

One plus to counteract that minus, is that Tethering via USB....just works. even with my crappy Windows Mobile phone.