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Re: Google Thread
« Reply #400: February 07, 2011, 11:09:54 PM »
sooooo, I got the laptop up and running. CR-48 it is called.

my expectations are tempered by the fact that this is a test machine, that won't ever see retail. I gotta imagine the real ChromeOS machines will be a lot better specced than this one is.

this one is pretty much as barebones as you can get. Its basically a 16GB netbook, Intel Atom, integrated graphics,  with a 12-inch screen and a full keyboard.

the entire OS, of course, is a Chrome Browser, and everything runs through it.

things I do not like already:

1. Only one USB Port. WTF Google. you are really gonna make me choose between my thumb drive and my usb mouse? on a machine with only 16GB of storage?
2. Cant use the 16GB storage for media. well, wtf is the 16gb for then?

those are the big two glaring issues thus far.

It works as advertised. Boots REALLY fast, runs very well in the Cloud. Utilizes the Chrome Web Store for installable web apps very much like the iDevices utilize the iTunes app store for installable iApps.

haven't done a very thorough testing of flash, only watched a couple youtube videos over some borrowed WiFi. Flash is baked into the OS as a default.

oh, there is no CAPSLOCK button. instead, there is a Search button where the Capslock would be. hit the button, it opens a new tab for you to search in.  takes some getting used to for heavy typers. you can change this in the Options and make it a regular capslock key if you like.

*edit* oh right, the touchpad. 1 finger left-clicks, two fingers right-clicks. two fingers in a swiping motion scrolls up and down. I have to use one finger on both hands to scroll and right-click, because I can't seem to get it to work one-handed.