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Re: Google Thread
« Reply #375: December 06, 2010, 07:59:29 PM »
I love Google.

I really do.

most of the google-made applications that I use work very well. Chrome is imo, the best browser out there. Android rocks the House. not gonna start on GMail. Google Docs does what I need it to do.  all the other Google stuff I use works wonderfully.

But i am just about read to completely give up on Google's Social Networking efforts.


its like Google goes out of their way to make their Social offerings needlessly complicated and tedious to implement. Facebook and Twitter are EASY to get into, EASY to use.

now Google's new social effort is rumored to be a toolbar-type thingy that pops up on Google websites like GMail and Google docs.

apparently they started out with a standalone site like Facebook, and that was Google Me, but they decided to scrap this and do this "social layers" thing that Eric Schmidt was talking about.  they they scrapped that in favor of  this stupid toolbar thing, and delayed implementation till next year.

they can't decide what they want to do.

Google just doesn't understand social networking. I am holding out hope that they can get this right, but it is looking less and less so.

Facebook is simple, and it works easily.  So does Twitter.  Google does not.

I am tired of having to copy/paste the entire URL for my google profile in order to log into websites using my google account, when I can just hit the blue facebook button or the light blue twitter button and be done with it. wtf was the point of Google Friend Connect then?

Tired of having to use Google Buzz in my phone's web browser because Google can't be arsed to make a proper app for it.

bah. pretty much on the verge of saying freak Google Social and just sticking with GMail, Google Docs, Search, etc. and surrendering to Facebook for my social like everyone else does.

I'm really pissed at Google over this, they are missing the boat big time, because they don't want to simply admit their mistake and move Buzz out of GMail and make it standalone.  that's ALL THEY HAVE TO DO!  take it out of Gmail, make it standalone, and then make it completely opt-in and relaunch it as standalone with a proper Android/Iphone app.

what is so damn complicated about that?

nobody's gonna want a freaking toolbar to pop up on their screen every time they open GMail. I sure as hell don't.

come the freak on Google.

/end rant