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Re: Google Thread
« Reply #100: February 10, 2010, 10:51:28 PM »
Actually that proves me right more than you.  People who didn't already have Google profiles either didn't know they could do so, or didn't want one.  In either case something they don't understand/want is being created without their knowledge, and possibly revealing information that they might not want revealed.

Why they didn't do this for people who already had profiles and would logically be more inclined to share such info, I don't know.  It isn't really relevant to my point, honestly.

And come now, are we really going to pretend that you aren't a Google fanboy?  Really?  That's what I meant by "poms."  You were sticking up for Google without even fully understanding the situation.

so you are basically saying that the only reason I don't see this for the horrible catastrophe that everyone else seems to, is because it is Google?  and not because i don't see what everyone is fussing about?

you think I'd just go along with it if it were anyone else?

yeah I'm a Google Fanboy, but when have you known me to blindly back something 100% for no reason other than a Brand Name?

but whatever. just turn the damn thing off already since it's such a horrible breach of privacy.