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I am putting my ticket partnership together for next year. We are a well-run and friendly group that's been together since Day 1. Here's our deal...
--Our seats are in Infield Box, Section 113, Row J, 13-16, on the aisle, just six rows from the field.
--We have four tickets at $45 each and $180 per game.
--Partnership in the group is for 4 tickets for 8 games. That's $1,440 per partner.
--We likely will not be buying parking this year unless all of our partners say otherwise.
--Payment in full will be due Dec. 1.
--Games are picked by a draft. We draw names out of a hat and use the snake draft format.
--Opening Day is not a part of the draft but I am happy to purchase OD for ticket partners during the special presale.
--Ticket partners will get access to al special benefits such as the Red Carpet Points program. Last year, ticket partners used this to get 4 Diamond Level seats, a $600 value.

I am happy to answer questions. Please let me know if you are interested via DM. Thanks for your consideration. I would love to be able to keep this group together!