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Below is what I have left at this point. I'm down to 13 games. I will consider selling without the parking if you buy 10 games!

I have 4 great seats available from my season ticket holder plan. Section 113, Row J, on the aisle. These are just off third base and next to the $60 Dugout Boxes. Great value! And they are only six rows from the field!

You can buy as many as you want. No minimum games. They are $45/each, plus $35 for Garage C Parking: that’s $215 per game. These are season ticket holder prices.

Now here's the deal. I will throw in FREE parking if you buy 10 or more games! That's a savings of $35 per game and at least $350 for the package. Garage C is right at the ballpark in centerfield.

I've listed the games available below! I'm easy to deal with and willing to meet you anywhere in DC or NoVa. I can do PayPal, checks or cash. I'm dependable, honest and easy to work with. Just e-mail me now so you get the games you want! They won't be around when the weather turns warmer!

Game #, Date, Time, Opponent
3, Wed.4/7/2010, 7:05 PM, Phillies
8, Monday 4/19/2010, 7:05 PM, Rockies
10, Wed. 4/21/2010, 7:05 PM, Rockies
15, Tuesday 5/4/2010, 7:05 PM, Braves
18, Friday 5/7/2010, 7:05 PM, Marlins
40, Sat 7/3/2010, 7:05 PM, Mets
42, Tuesday 7/6/2010, 7:05 PM, Padres
69, Wed. 9/8/2010, 12:35 PM, Mets
71, Saturday 9/11/2010, 1:05 PM, Marlins
72, Sunday 9/12/2010, 1:35 PM, Marlins
73, Monday 9/20/2010, 7:05 PM, Astros
74, Tuesday 9/21/2010, 7:05 PM, Astros
81, Tuesday 9/28/2010, 7:05 PM, Phillies