Author Topic: Gameday Thread: Nationals @ Giants, Game 2 (Curly W)  (Read 12834 times)

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Quote from: "JMadisonIV"
We're sorry! Your data indicate that you are prevented from watching this game LIVE due to the Was. local or national live broadcast restrictions. Please try an MLB.TV game that doesn't include this team.

In addition, during national TV broadcasts, fans in the US, Japan, US Virgin Isls, Guam and S. Korea are blacked out. These games are indicated on the schedule with a grey icon:

If you still feel you have been restricted in error, please call our Customer Support team at 1-866-800-1275.

MLB.TV Full Game Replays are available to subscribers without blackout restrictions shortly after games are over.

that's what I am getting.

Try closing the entire MLB site, then opening it up again