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Re: Combine the different forums
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Quote from: "rileyn"
Why not just combine "General Discussion" and the "Trades and Transactions" forums.  I would also include the "Minor League" discussion in as well.  Why are the separated?  Case in point was that Kenzafan today posted about Fick being placed on the DL today in the "T&T forum."  Why not just make that "General" so we don't have to search all of the discussions?

Just a thought  :idea:

The different sections were created so that their related subject matter could easily be found. In the other forum, they are all mixed together and it often takes a while to find the one your looking for. This way, they are have their own area, making it easy for members to find. Unfortunately, in recent days, many have strayed away form the specific sections and posted mostly in the General area. I was guilty of that myself. But they Trades, Transactions and Rumors section and the Minor League Discussion sections are there for a reason.

Just like "Forum Ideas, Suggestions, Requests" and the "Off-Topic" sections have their place, so too, do the ones you mentioned. I see no reason to change it.