Author Topic: The future of our mid-level pitching propects.  (Read 782 times)

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Detweiler likely still figures to pan out pretty well. I don't really consider him a mid-level prospect for us, as he is one of the higher-level ones we have. Martin can contribute, but seems like a back of the rotation guy. I still like Martis's potential. Mock is still intriguing, but he needs to do something this year to show he can step up to that next level and actually be consistent at the big-league level or be a career minor-leaguer with unrealized potential. So of that group, I'd see Detweiler as the closest to a lock to have a big-league career, Martin and Martis as the next tier, and Mock and Thompson as guys who need to prove they belong. As far as Estrada is concerned, I don't see him on that list. To me, he has always sucked, and I don't understand why he is still around as anything but minor-league fodder.