Author Topic: The future of our mid-level pitching propects.  (Read 629 times)

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J.D. Martin has a chance to be a #5 starter this season but more likely a reliever.

Shairon Martis figures to start the season as a starter in AAA unless he really impresses in camp again. He turns 23 in March so he still has time to put it together. We will see him at some point this season. He has a chance to be a back end of the rotation starter or maybe a bullpen arm.

Marco Estrada has yet to impress in his brief Major League stints. I see him destined for AAA this season and beyond unless he makes a permanent switch to a bullpen role and does well there (i.e. Clippard).

Garrett Mock has shown flashes of being decent but he has also pitched very poorly at times. He has quality stuff but it is time for him to produce consistently. He failed as a reliever last year so he is either going to make the team as a #4-5 starter or start the year in AAA. We will see him at some point this year.

I am still pretty high on Detwiler. I think he can be a long-term #3 starter for this team. I liked how he ended last season and I think if he continues this success in ST he will make the ML rotation as a #4-5 starter. If not, he will start in Syracuse's rotation. We will see him at some point this season even if he starts the year in AAA.

Aaron Thompson was a 1st round pick and he'll turn just 23 in February. I would look for him to start the year in AAA as a starter and possibly see some big league action near the end of the season. I think he can be a #4-5 ML starter long term.