Author Topic: Best and Worst MLB announcers?  (Read 6398 times)

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Re: Best and Worst MLB announcers?
« Reply #50: February 01, 2010, 07:34:16 PM »
in which sport?
Baseball, I like him calling football as well but there are others that I like.

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Re: Best and Worst MLB announcers?
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Scully is great and a living legend. I grew up hearing Jon Miller on Sunday Night Baseball with my dad. Of course, the late Harry Kalas had a golden voice, even if he did call games for the Phillies.

Having said that...

Joe Buck has, does, and always will suck. Whether it's football, baseball, intramural curling...he sucks.   

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Re: Best and Worst MLB announcers?
« Reply #53: February 24, 2010, 11:58:44 PM »
I really like Dan (?) Schulman of ESPN.

I like Gary Thorne for hockey and not so much for baseball.

we almost had schulman until he realized he had to watch this team for 162 games

how is thorne not doing hockey nationally anymore?

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Re: Best and Worst MLB announcers?
« Reply #54: March 03, 2010, 03:59:16 PM »
Listening to innings 8 and 9 of Ken Burns's Baseball reminded of just how good Ned Martiin was. They excerpt his call when they focus on Yaz in '67 and the final series v. the Twins.  Just an incredible ability to choose the right word.  His call on the last out, the "little looper" to Petrocelli "and there's pandemonium on the field," as well as his call on parts of Game 6 in 1975, reminded me of how good he was.  I am amazed that he never got the Frick award.  Some of it may have had to do with the Red Sox promoting other, inferior announcers like Ken Coleman because of their closer ties to the organization (Martin and Jim Woods were fired because they refused to plug sponsor products during innings), btu Martin was just the best.