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Re: King Ian Desmond Appreciation Thread
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Weird stat - Desmond has stolen 10 bases with 12 singles, 5 BB, and 6 2B.  Even treating the doubles as stealing opportunities, he must be stealing at close to 50% of the chances to steal, when you consider there may be guys ahead of him blocking him.  That does not even discount the situations where it would be dumb to run.  For comparison, only Coco, Carlos Gomez, and Will Venable also have OBP < .300 and more than 5 steals. They are all at 8.  Coco comes the closest to Desmond's rate, 8 for 24 (or 25) 1b /BB/ 2B.  Desmond is turning into the King of turning singles and walks into doubles.

solid insight ... seems like he's faster this year.  or just getting better jumps.  or combo of both 8)