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Re: King Ian Desmond Appreciation Thread
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The thing is that Desmond plays SS like a 2B and Espinosa plays 2B like a SS.


I only see the Nats when they play the Muts, but that was enough to see Desmond appear to be hand-cuffed on hard-hit grounders. Desmond hits more like a typical 2B.

Espinosa seems to have range and a strong arm. His hitting, on paper, looks like Eddie Brinkman or Kevin Elster. Brinkman was a good enough fielder that he started st SS for the Nats all through the '60s. Espinosa has a hardr swing, power power, than Brinkman, but he looked a lot like J Maxwell in those last Muts games.

I would switch them and

- work Desmond hard  on his defense

- coach Espinosa on his hitting.