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Re: King Ian Desmond Appreciation Thread
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I don't understand how Espinosa's value is hurt @ 2B?  Who the freak cares where he plays as long as he can hit and play defense.  His glove was fantastic, but he owned a .218 average, so if we're going to cut a young Desmond may as well cut a young Espinosa.

Quite frankly, I don't care who is out there, but obviously the coaches/think tank is high on ID @ SS.  And it's not like we have better options in our system now do we?  Gonzalez?  Orr?  No thanks.  
Um, I don't know that many of us really care about where he is as a function of his bat (though it's true that his projected numbers are better for an SS than a 2B).  Rather, we'd prefer that the better defender (Espinosa) be at SS.  If Espinosa was the next coming of Mickey Mantle offensively we would still prefer him at SS over Desmond.