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Re: Following the Minor League Teams (2010)
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Eury Perez is looking like he'll be our future CF/leadoff hitter. Dude knows how to get on base.

I wouldn't be surprised if he got sent back down to Vermont once short season started up.  Hagerstown already has two center fielders in Marcus Jones and JR Higley (on DL right now) who are more prepared for Single A.  Perez has been mostly over-matched against the pitching at his current level.  Today he was 0 for 4, but did reach first on an error.  He has been pretty good about stealing, but was also caught for the first time today.

I like Perez for the future as well, but he seems like a guy that they just wanted to get at-bats for until the other teams started up.  A lot can happen before for June though.