Author Topic: MLBPA Calls Out Loria for Pocketing Revenue Sharing  (Read 1734 times)

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By most estimates, Loria has pocketed a total of about $42 million in revenue sharing over the past 4 years.  That is the point of contention.  The MLBPA also represents the agents, who get paid more as total team salaries go up, and who also got paid more during the steroids era as player salaries went up, but with the agents not having to suffer any of physical detriments down the road.

He officially became owner of the Marlins the day pitchers and catchers reported in 2002.  He inherited that year's salary, and here is the history since.

2002 - $41.979,917
2003 - $48,750,000 - Mike Hampton of the Braves eats up about 1/4 the payroll
2004 - $42,143,042 - Hampton of Braves and Pudge of Tigers eat up more than 1/3 of the payroll
2005 - $60,408,834 - due to trades, deferrals, waivers of dumb signings (Leiter $7 million) about $27 million was paid to players on other teams
2006 - $14,998,500 - Willis Super 2 arby @ $4.3, and Moehler $1.5 lead payroll that totals less than $6.5 over league minmum
2007 - $30,507,000 - Cabrera and Willis both win arby
2008 - $21,811,500
2009 - $36,834,000

The Marlins on-field payroll has been below revenue sharing since the 2003 season.  The only reason it exceeded revenue sharing 2003-2005 is because Beinfest's blunders.

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The Marlins have won as many WS as the Red Sox have in the last 10 years or so, so I hope he wasn't including them in his chronically underperforming short list.

The reason for the past few winning seasons is that St. Claire was the NATS pitching coach.  His acquisition by the Fish could easily result in a 15 game swing in W-L.  Take away the St. Claire factor, and 2006-2009 become totally different seasons.  The 2004-2005 seasons were under-achievements due in part the on-field payroll cuts (aka Beinfest Blunders), but even moreso by McKeon.  McKeon believed his own press and thought everything he did was cute and started sniping players in the press and destroyed the clubhouse, and adopted a "Hey, ya'll watch this" management style making absurd moves because he saw himself as a cute cuddly loveable old fart more than a manager.  In short, adjusting for the St. Claire factor, the Marlins have under achieved ever since accidentally winning a WS with a team put together by Dombrowski.