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Re: Drew Storen live chat - IN PROGRESS
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Drew -

Any drunken Stanford Tree stories?

You played w/Jeff Kobernus in the Cape Cod league and he went to Cal. You guys close? How bout a scouting report?

Will you be okay with the fact that Rob Dibble is going to use his 1980s baseball knowledge and experience as a measuring stick for *everything* you do?

Have you ever had as sexy a battery-mate as Wil Nieves? (Sorry, wife stole my computer there.)

Finally, has Pro ball been all you've hoped for so far? Are you enjoying the ride?

Haha I will address some of those q's. I have no good Stanford tree stories sadly.

I did play with Kobe and he was one of my favorite players on that team. He is a gamer. He has the tools to be a big leaguer but also the savviness and always seemed to come up big when we needed it.

Proball is great. Its a fun thing because it is always changing and you meet some great people. I am living the dream and loving it.