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Thanks for taking our questions.

First, what other sports did you play growing up?

Second, what are your favorite teams in the other sports?

Third, is Alex Ovechkin the best hockey player in the world?


I can Throw

(Ps- if someone asks "why did you become a pitcher?" you respond "I can Throw!" - I'll send you a dollar every time you do say it, I either see or hear it (youtube is acceptable) (Up to 10 interviews per season - unless I get a new job)


From DPOmaha: Drew, if you take him  (I can throw) up on this, would it be your first endorsement deal?

Lot of questions there! But first off, I dont really know hockey, I have only been to one game. I am a huge Colts fan so I am excited to see if they can win another super bowl. I played basketball in high school. I used to play just as much basketball as baseball, but once I realized there wasnt a big future for me in it, I concentrated on baseball.