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Re: Drew Storen live chat - Jan 10, 2010 COMPLETED
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As long as this thread is not closed, let me get in a "thank you" to Drew and to TomTerp, and of course Spinman and Bally for setting the precedent.

The Papelbon thing is interesting in that Papelbon was a college closer who some had some doubts about until he started pitching in the minors.  Of course, he has had some great performances too.  I hope the two get a chance to talk either at Fort Meyers (Nats visit Sox near the end of Spring) or up here on 4/3.  Papelbon puts on the hick routine, but his parents I think are professors and some of the hick thing is more or less a media persona.
I wanted to personally thank all of the posters for keeping your questions above board and well thought out. Well, except for Houston-Nat! :hang: LOL! Tomterp and I really appreciate that and we know the players do too. We are working on another player and we will try and get him to come on before Spring training. Thanks again, Spinman! 8)