Author Topic: Drew Storen live chat - Jan 10, 2010 (Completed)  (Read 19475 times)

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Re: Drew Storen live chat - Jan 10, 2010 COMPLETED
« Reply #125: January 11, 2010, 09:23:44 AM »
As long as this thread is not closed, let me get in a "thank you" to Drew and to TomTerp, and of course Spinman and Bally for setting the precedent.

The Papelbon thing is interesting in that Papelbon was a college closer who some had some doubts about until he started pitching in the minors.  Of course, he has had some great performances too.  I hope the two get a chance to talk either at Fort Meyers (Nats visit Sox near the end of Spring) or up here on 4/3.  Papelbon puts on the hick routine, but his parents I think are professors and some of the hick thing is more or less a media persona.