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Re: Drew Storen live chat - IN PROGRESS
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First I must commend you for realizing how important it was to get your career started ASAP, by signing the day after you were drafted. I can only hope that others follow your lead, and realize that the draft is only the beginning of their career.

How much more seasoning do you think you need in the minors? Your numbers have been nothing short of astounding so far. You have actually gotten better while facing tougher competition (AA and AFL). You had a 0.66 ERA with a 2-0 record while recording 4 saves in a showcase of future ML stars. What if anything do you think you need to improve upon?

I'm super stoked to see you at Nats Park. I know it's hard to be bunched together with Stephen Strasburg, but you have provided this Nats fan with as much, if not more excitement.

Thanks for all the kind comments! I think I am ready, but spring training will be a true test of that. I want to prove taht I am ready, but I am also aware that there is no reason to rush the process.