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Hey everyone and thanks for having me on here, I am excited to answer all your questions and appreciate the ones that have already been posted. I sat down yesterday and answered most of them so I will paste that to start off with. If I didnt answer your question, feel free to repost it on here and I can get to it. Thanks again for joining, should be a lot of fun.

Drew, several times in the last few days we've seen mention that the Nats might consider converting you to a starting pitcher.  Whether this is informed reporting or mere wild-arse speculation is open to conjecture.

Has the club spoken to you on the topic? 

What do you think of the idea?
-I actually have not heard this rumor at all, it is something I could easily transition to if needed, but I have not heard a thing about it from anyone. I know its clique, but I will do whatever the Nats want in order to be an impact guy.


What are your hopes and goals for the 2010 season?

-I want to help the Nats win and surprise people by showcasing the talent that we have as an organization.


Drew, coming up through college as a closer, that is something that would have never happened just a few decades ago.
How has that affected your game prep?

-It helped me create a solid routine that I do about everyday in order to prepare to pitch. My throwing routine is usually the same every day, a form of long toss and finished up with flat ground work. I formed this routine from my two years in college.


What was the single biggest adjustment you've had to make moving from College to the Pros?

-I had to pitch more, in college I tried to "out stuff" guys a lot. In pro ball, no hitters care how hard it is, it has to be down. That was the biggest adjustment I made.


Drew, on Twitter you often talk about playing Modern Warfare 2. Are you a big gamer? If so, any recommendations on any really good PS3 games?

Also, are you more excited to make your major league debut or see yourself as a video game character in the MLB games like 'The Show' and the 'MLB2K' series?
-I wouldnt say I am a huge gamer, but I do love playing COD: MW2 online on ps3. My gamer tag is thecardinal0107 and dont be afraid to friend me. I am currently not hooked up online, but once spring training rolls around, I should be good to go.

 I am actually going to be disappointed to see myself on the video game because I will have realistic values as a player. When I used to make myself on MVP Baseball and Ken Griffey Baseball I was always 100's across the board and about 6'7". Unfortunately that wont be the case if I ever do make it on a video game.


So I guess the question for Drew that comes out of this might be who all he cheered for as a kid. Was it hard to pick a team? Would it have been easy to get used to the idea of playing for whoever drafted him?

It was real easy for me to adapt to whatever team was to draft me. I am a big baseball fan in general. I was a Seattle Mariners fan back in the days of Ken Griffey Jr, Jay Buhner, and Arod.


Drew, this is the only question I can think of right now but, what will your theme music be when you come out to dominate on the mound?

-I am not for sure yet, but I am thinking "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress". I am open for suggestions.


Drew- How much influence does the pitching coach vs. the manager have on your professional development?

-I have been fortunate enough to have good experiences with all the coaches I have played for. I have a learned a little something from each one about how to be a successful professional player on and off the field.


How closely does the team medicial staff monitor your strength and conditioning during the season and in the offseason?  do they give you exercises to prevent injury or deterioration, or tell you when to slack off if you are getting worn down?

-We have a strength and conditioning coach who monitors our health and performance throughout the season as well as giving us a program to follow during the off season. They are aware of the rigors of the season and tailor our workload to correspond with the fatigue level which is crucial.

Minty Fresh

1.  What was you favorite part about playing for the Cotuit Kettleers?
I loved everything about it, the entire organization, fans, host families, and town were all great. It was an awesome experience all around.

2.  What sort of things did you do for fun when playing for the Cape League?

We went to the beach and tried to work off our embarrassing farmer's tans.

3.  Would you agree that the Orleans Cardinals (Firebirds) are the best baseball team that ever played in the whole wide world?

Hmmmm, well I will give them credit for having one of the larger porta-pottys in the league. For those that dont know, Cape fields rarely/if ever have real bathrooms, and Orleans had a porta-potty that could have fit a bed in it just outside the bullpen.


Who was the best or one of the best Nationals Minor League player(s) that you saw during your brief tour through Hagerstown, Potomac, and Harrisburg?

-It is hard to say just one, because all of the guys that I played with in the AFL are all obviously great, and Norris is the real deal at the plate. Another guy I loved watching pitch was Tommy Malone. He knows how to pitch and carved up guys from the left side.

Did your velocity increase from college or is it the same? Some people had you clocked in the low 90s during your time at Stanford but playing in the minor leagues you were clocked in the mid to upper 90s.

-Throughout college my velo was increasing, but this year I got up to 97 before the draft. I probably consistently was throwing harder in proball but I didnt peak any higher in proball.


Drew:  If you had a choice, would you rather be brought in to start the 9th with a 1 to 3 run lead or be brought in in the 7th or 8th when the opposing team has the go ahead runner on base or at the plate?

It rally wouldnt matter to me, as long as it is a tight spot. I love throwing in the tight spots regardless of the inning.


When do you (or the coaches) think you'll be making your major league debut? And do you hope it's against a specific team? If so, who!?

I have no idea, whenever the management feels that I am ready. I don't mind who it's against to be honest. One dream I do have is to pitch against the Braves in Atlanta during the playoffs/World Series in a big spot, that way the fans are doing the Tomachop at me. That has been my dream ever since seeing the 1992 highlights of the Braves on a Sports Illustrated Year in Review tape my dad had when I was younger.


Oh ya, and have you heard of or are you expecting any fun spirited hazing rituals that the Nationals have for Rookies?

-ha I have not, but I know that is part of any team and it's all in good fun so I am not worried about it.


Do you have any quirky pregame rituals that we may want to know about.

-I dont as of now, but maybe ask me in June and I may have developed something by then.

Also, do iron the brim of your cap like Chad Cordero did?

-Haha nope I try to have a little curve to the cap. Kind of a modified-Chief look.


who is the major leaguer you most want to strike out?

-Ken Griffey Jr. because he has always been my favorite player, and I used to be able to think I could strike him out with my knuckleball as a ten year old.


What was your College World Series experience like?

-It was a blast. It is one of the coolest places to be in June, a city like Omaha filled with baseball fans and lots of baseball equipment stands. Coming in to face Buster Posey in front of about 20,000 and ESPN was quite the thrill and tough to beat.

Thanks again for joining, feel free to ask what you are curious about!