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Re: Player Chat Threads
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 Just some small recommendations to make it cleaner, streamlined and more effective, imo.
          1. All questions, by posters, need to be asked by a certain time (as designated by the moderator) on the day before the interview. (Giving the player/manager ample time to review them)
          2. All clearances of the player/manager to "chat" on this Board should be done 24 to 48 hours before the actual interview and/or chat, so there are no gliches with the guest posting on that designated day and time.
          3. No real-time and/or inter-board interaction with the guest, by posters,until the moderator has covered all the questions asked on the first round.
          4. Second round of questions, if time, should only be on subjects not asked on first round, or to expand on the answer to first round questions, by posters.
          5. Then ending with abundant amount of thanks from all posters.
   This is a great thing that is happening, and is unique to have the players come and talk to this Fan forum. I think this is a "Wow" factor for this Board; and thank Spinman and Turtle for making this happen.These message board chats are great fun and give the fans a peep into the personality of the players/managers.
         Suggestion: Maybe a separate section, so the chats are easier to find, for posters like myself, who are usually away on Sundays from the forum.
         Recommendation: I would like to see the next chat be with Jim Riggleman -since I have mentioned to him about blogging, and he seemed interested about subject. Anyone out there want  to ask him - Turtle- Blue911?