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Re: Player Chat Threads
« Topic Start: January 11, 2010, 09:08:26 AM »
Hey, non-insightful questions have to be allowed, otherwise how am I going to ask Drew what he would name his pet squid?

I think for the record, he named it "stumpy".

I'd like you guys' feedback on how this could be done better.

Some observations:

Drew had prepared a slew of answers by culling through the initial thread I set up, to get things going.
We did have a few instances where people did not realize he had already answered a question, and they reposted their same question again.
Had a few instances where people wanted to post to each other rather than allowing Drew to be the focus of the conversation. 

I remained busy throughout doing thread cleanup - deleting redundant questions, PM'ing people if there was an issue, cleaning up some quotes that weren't executed properly.

While Drew spent an hour with us, he spent at least another hour or two in registration, getting past a connectivity problem he was having from his hotel, and reviewing the pre-chat thread, answering those questions ahead of time.