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Re: Player Chat Threads
« Topic Start: January 08, 2010, 09:55:08 PM »
It worked well with Bally, because for one reason he's a fast typer.  For another, he embraced the smiley library and used it to great effectiveness to add additional nuance to his posts. 

But I could see where a guest could be buried in too many questions and comments to keep up, given this open thread concept.  I don't have a better answer, other than that this thread exists for us to test some questions and give Drew a chance to read some ahead of time to prepare his thoughts and / responses.

I have one concern, so far all his correspondence with me has been via iPhone, and that is not a very quick way to conduct a chat.  Plus, probably can't see the graphics we post.
If it's via iPhone on the board, then he should see everything.  All of my posts after midnight are from my iPhone.  The rest are usually from work.