Author Topic: Collin Balester Q&A - January 3, 2010 (Completed)  (Read 38785 times)

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I will say this about Collin, he alwys thinks about everyone else before himself. He loves God first, His wife second, his family third, Baseball 4th and his fans after that. I mean it, for a young guy he does have all of priorities in the right place. He loves the fans, as Collin would say, " If it weren't for the fans, baseball would be nothing." Now done with my patronizing! LOL!

Okay Collin, I am guessing from this answer that you have some really great Spinman stories that he doesn't want you to tell. :icon_mrgreen:
(Naw, Spinman, you know I appreciate your answer, your effort in creating this chat and your class on this here forum. :) )