Author Topic: Collin Balester Q&A - January 3, 2010 (Completed)  (Read 36159 times)

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  No I have no clue what that stuff means haha I focus on making my pitches and leaving the stat guys for the other stuff.  :bang:  :doh:

That's probably a good thing, they don't pay you to do math. ;)

To us, you have a BABIP, xFIP, ERA+, tRA, UZR, and a bunch of other stuff that we're constantly explaining to each other what they are.
To you, you have pitches. :D

EDIT: Hmm, about the stat guys, I guess y'all don't run into each other much, but do you know much about them / how much work they do with the bigwigs? Do they have pocket protectors or glasses with plastic rims?  :|